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 Paige Annette was born in St. Louis, Missouri and was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  She took her first dance class at the age of 5 and has never stopped. Her love for dance has been her guide through life.  Paige was on the honor roll at Milwaukee High School of the Arts and of course majored in dance.Some of the amazing places dance has taken her around the world are Scotland, London, Paris, Monaco and Hong Kong just to name a few.


While attending the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, she cheered for the NFL Philadelphia Eagles for two seasons.  After earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at UARTS in Ballet Dance Performance, Paige made a big step and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.


Las Vegas was her home for 7 years. And during that time, Paige danced for many shows and production companies such as Show in the Sky with Entertainment Plus Productions, Vegas the Show with Saxe Productions, Big3 Entertainment and Destinations by Designs.  Some of the amazingly talented artists she has worked with are music legend Smokey Robinson, Beyonce, Pitbull, KP Fitz, Luke James, Jon Secada and Nicki Minaj.

Being so close to Los Angeles also opened up one of the highlights of Paige's career; being on tour with R&B singer Tyrese Gibson. After touring, Paige made her first movie debut in Screen Gems Production Think Like A Man Too as a burlesque dancer. Following that booking she landed the leading role of Tanya in the independent feature film Searching for Life.


After Filming, Paige decided she wanted to stop touring and focus more on acting and dancing in films.  She made another big decision to relocate to Los Angeles, California. In a little bit over a year, Paige has appeared on ABC's Secrets and Lies, dancing in Its On: A Nickelodeon pilot, booked a leading role in Sony Pictures feature film Cross Wars and will be shooting a sci-fi thriller this fall with Samera Entertainment as a leading role as well as filming Cross 3 with Sony.


She continues to mentor and teach private lessons.Paige's daily advice is to never stop working towards your dreams!! Her passion for dancing and acting and life is a nonstop roller coaster that she is constantly falling in love with everyday. There is no thrill bigger, no blessing greater than to watch your dreams become reality!!



An aerialist rehearsing for a rock tour battles age, injury and a young director scheming to end her career

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A Moment of Magic


cross 3:rise of the villains 

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